A first of May

That first of may was not red nor black. It was green.
Where Laugavegur meets Skólavödurstígur there were some girls selling stones.
Drivers came from the wrong street in the wrong time.
It was a mess of first of may.

Per aspera ad astra.

- This way is so long... Walking by the sea was not a good Idea, it's freezing.
- Yey! there is Hallgrimskirkja!
- Much better... isn't the high tower where Hamborgarafabrikkan is...?
- Oh yes...

Eiríkur's house.

I still used to oversleep because I kept too long time dreaming. My dreams were my shelter.
 My vault of dreams was safe and cozy as an empty shoe box.
I was the new one, the strange one. I accidentally tried to keep the distance, but these humans are too warm inside.
Everyone was the shelter of everyone there, because sharing dreams with others is much better.
Eiríkur, by his own way, did a great work with all the trees out there. Laugardalur is beautiful now.

Góðan daginn, herra Kisi.

- Góðan daginn you, human.

A random conversation just around a corner. It's my first day in Reykjavík. I wandered around the city, having in mind to get lost.
The air was freezing, but the sun was all warmth.
I have to say that. I love the feeling of being nobody. Having nobody in mind. Missing nobody neither.
 Just exploring a place, having no clue what is going to happen.
 Let's start from zero again, I said. I don't have anything to lose in this cold place.
But nothing better than a warm welcome. I was finally at home.

- Og herna... Are you coming in then, mister cat?

Chapter IV: Ísland.

This picture was one of the last I took when I lived in Iceland, by the sea shore of Faxaflói, where Reykjavík lays. In the background, the mount Esja. Now I'm back home in Spain. I spent almost a whole year there, almost doing everything I could imagine. Just an adventure as any other. Getting my heart richer. Opening my mind broader. Gerðu svo vel, enjoy.