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the giant's struggle

"Don't care about me, little human, I don't blame you. You are too insignificant."
The last words of a giant are the roughest. We were good friends, the problem was I never told him I wasn't a human.

The boots I wore are outside. Still wet. They will never get dry.
I drink fresh milk to restore myself. The touch of the grass barefoot is so great.
I could stay here forever, it will never get dark. I don't even miss the stars.

The giants are watching us from far away. One day, I will meet them and we are going to hang out together.
I don't know why but everybody is so scare of them. It is nice to have a giant as a friend.

Tonight I'm going out there. They will see me coming. Giants are coldheart, but I will be smiling to them.
We are going to understand each other.


Månin sjaket mín seng
Hun let mig ekke sova
Saget mjer ad fyllia henn

Veguren henns vandret yvir havit.
Kvart er þu ad driva mjer, litla Mån?
Frå myrkrin kommer upp draugarnar,
Visket þei, kvarveg jeg glemmet þeim

Sjøkk, burjet jag ad kråta
i havit vare blandet mina tår
vare þei ekke nog forir þeim
eftersem draugarnar glemma aldreig

Landit er langt i bort nu,
en jeg ekke glemmet þig
vid draugarnar, glemma aldreig.


A first of May

That first of may was not red nor black. It was green.
Where Laugavegur meets Skólavödurstígur there were some girls selling stones.
Drivers came from the wrong street in the wrong time.
It was a mess of first of may.

Per aspera ad astra.

- This way is so long... Walking by the sea was not a good Idea, it's freezing.
- Yey! there is Hallgrimskirkja!
- Much better... isn't the high tower where Hamborgarafabrikkan is...?
- Oh yes...

Eiríkur's house.

I still used to oversleep because I kept too long time dreaming. My dreams were my shelter.
 My vault of dreams was safe and cozy as an empty shoe box.
I was the new one, the strange one. I accidentally tried to keep the distance, but these humans are too warm inside.
Everyone was the shelter of everyone there, because sharing dreams with others is much better.
Eiríkur, by his own way, did a great work with all the trees out there. Laugardalur is beautiful now.